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    Delivery from Romania: how to arrange and what are the advantages

    Romania is a country that is famous worldwide for its products. Who has not heard about the French wine, chocolate, shoes, clothing? And in addition to the above, Romania produces a lot of other quality goods. The trouble only in how to organize the delivery of goods from Romania, because not everyone has its own delivery service. And then it will be useful services Profi Cargo Service, through which shipping from Romania carried out in a short time and on individual client requirements.

    Delivery from Romania : what does it look like

    To deliver the goods from Romania for our company – is not just a trivial moving the goods from one country to another. We offer our clients full range of services that can be useful for foreign economic relations with Romania. This means that we can help:

    • sign a contract for the supply of the goods in Romania , make purchases, including wholesale;
    • deliver the goods from the supplier’s warehouse to our own warehouse;
    • form a general cargo (if necessary);
    • prepare all necessary documents for the goods;
    • provide a customs clearance and settle all the nuances at border crossings;
    • deliver the goods directly to the customer;
    • to provide a package of documents for trade in Ukraine – subject to dleivery on our company as your importer.

    This approach allows our customers to order goods from Romania, and stop worrying about all the difficulties that may be associated with the process of transportation.

    Delivery from Romania: possible delivery options

    In order to ensure maximum flexibility in the provision of the services we offer to all our clients to choose the manner in which service is provided. All customers have the opportunity to choose from the following types of delivery:

    • air delivery;
    • delivery of goods from Romania by sea;
    • inland delivery from Romania.

    Of course, each of the above delivery methods has its advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, delivery of goods from Romania with the use of aircraft – it is very fast, but quite expensive, sea shipping, on the contrary, slower, but cheaper. Delivery by truck – optimum time and cost.

    What is the delivery of consolidated cargo from Romania?

    In recent years become very popular shipping of consolidated cargo from Romania, but not everyone knows what it is, and, therefore, can not use this type of transportation from Romania. Team of shipping means that in the same container or vehicle can be packaged products from different parties, and sometimes – even different owners. What are the benefits for customers? The fact that thus possible to more effectively and efficiently use the space in the container or truck, which positively displays on delivery costs. Thus, the general cargo from Romania for customers are always cheaper. Our company provides a service to deliver cargo from Romania to all comers.